Why we all need to support Donald Trump for President

Posted on November 07, 2016 in  BlogGeneral Blurps

Why we should support Donald Trump for President

He's hustling. Making rally after rally. He can fill an auditorium or a stadium filled with people who want to listen to his rallies any day of the week. The nice thing is, he does it more than once a day.

Thousands come and listen to him and more than once a day.

Hillary can't get a small office space filled, and that's on her best day.

Hillary Clinton is a woman who is subject to ongoing criminal investigations, potential indictments and never-ending hearings. She's desperate for the presidency so she can pardon herself for the crimes she's committed and the people she's had killed.

Donald Trump's judgment has enabled him to build a financial empire, whereas Hillary Clinton is guilty of bad judgment , so what makes you think that her judgment will get better if we put her in the White House as our president.

Everyone wants to know why Hillary can't do a press conference. It's because Hillary is the most inauthentic, insincere and scripted candidate who is owned by Wall Street.

We need a president who believes US Citizens and vets take priority over illegal immigrants.

We need a president who believes that open borders present a danger to us.

We need a president who believes that it's time to make fair trade deals and to start working on our OWN wealth, instead of seeing this country make other nations wealthy at the American taxpayer expense.

We need a president who will work on making *us* rich instead of herself or her family.

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