Why are people upset that Hillary lost?

Posted on November 13, 2016 in  BlogGeneral Blurps

Hillary Clinton lost and we should all be thankful

America, we dodged a MAJOR bullet in this election process

We need to let history teach us this lesson as to why Hillary was the worst choice for this country.

People wanted to see Hillary win because they wanted to see a woman president. That would have been great to see, but not someone so obviously evil and deviant as Hillary Clinton and who's under FBI investigation for crimes against this country, treason and the shady dealings with the Clinton Foundation.

As First Lady, staff members never wanted to go near her and she was so vulgar and racist toward the staff members during the Presidency of Bill Clinton.

As a Senator, she did nothing for the people of New York. Hillary used her Senate office as a stepping stone toward the presidency by making contracts with powerful companies and politicians making millions of dollars for her and turning her back on people she swore to protect.

She took millions of dollars from companies that kill and enslave black people just for being black, kill gay people and throw them off rooftops just for being gay as well as selling woman and children into sex slavery. Hillary Clinton claims to support these groups. How can she justify those words when she takes money from countries that are so cruel to these specific groups'

This means Hillary does NOT support Black Lives Matter, LGBT or women and children's rights. That's the truth.

As Secretary of State, she did more of the same. Hillary Clinton used her position as Secretary of State by making contracts with powerful companies, countries and politicians making millions of dollars for her family. The money came in to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary lied during the final debate and said that 90% of the money goes toward other charities. Again, she is a pathological liar.

Hillary Clinton also went silent at 3am when so many calls for help went out asking for help when our soldiers in Benghazi were being attacked. Our soldiers died and Hillary cashed in on that tragedy.

History tells us that Hillary Clinton will cash in every chance she gets to sell out this country. Her only true skill as avoiding prosecution. Whether it's 'mishandling' tens of thousands of classified e-mails and having her good friends in the FBI giving her a pass, whereas the rest of us would get years of prison for 'mishandling' only one piece of classified material.

Be thankful Hillary Clinton lost.

She has a history of selling us out, lying to our faces and smiling a bit brighter when others suffer so she can sleep better in a home that our taxpayer dollars paid for.

Since Trump has become President-Elect:

1. Russia and Syria have publicly announced wanting peace with the U.S.

2. Israel's Prime Minister announced that they want to repair the damaged relationship between our two nations

3. DOW Jones posts best week since 2011 after Donald Trump election win.

4. Canada and Mexico have announced they are willing to renegotiate NAFTA with the US

All this in two days of electing Donald Trump

There's a message there for all of us.  

People know exactly what a businessman with a background like Donald Trump would do.  He's a businessman, not a politician.  Businessmen tend to look at things differently.  This is going to be a great 4 to 8 years of a Donald Trump Presidency.

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