Second Presidential Debate Will Be Rigged

Posted on October 09, 2016 in  BlogGeneral Blurps

How will Hillary Rig the second debate

This is a town hall meeting, and I know full well that Hillary is going to have a plan of attack for this town hall debate.

The key for this rigged town hall debate will be teamwork. During the first debate, Lester Holt worked beautifully with Hillary Clinton by asking tough questions to Donald Trump that were straight from the Hillary Clinton campaign's talking points, and which were obvious set-ups for Clinton to attack. Both Lester Holt and Hillary Clinton were both wearing earpieces and were both being fed intel so they could work together.  Lester Holt is a Hillary Clinton supporter and Holt asked Trump tough questions that were straight from the Clinton campaign's talking points, and which were obvious set-ups for Clinton to attack.

This Sunday's debate moderators will be Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz. These are two Hillary Clinton allies. They are both big Hillary Clinton fans and they love her. This debate is going to be three on one as far as I'm concerned. I was hoping this would be a fair town hall debate, but the "establishment" wants to keep things rigged against Donald Trump. Remember, Donald Trump is anti-establishment and Hillary is an establishment politician. Establishment politics has been killing this country for the American people, and Hillary will continue killing America if she's elected.

Hillary had a rigged campaign forum on October 4, 2016 in Haverford, Pennsylvania. Hillary has already shown how deceitful she is by hiring a 15 year old girl actress named Brennan Leach, who just happens to be the daughter of Pennsylvania state Senator Daylin Leach to ask her a prepared question in a town hall meeting where Hillary already knew who the people in the audience were and what the questions were going to be. Now, this was a very small crowd, which is usual since Hillary her never has drawn a large crowd for any of her speeches during her campaign. She had the answers already prepared. I guess since Hillary was in Pennsylvania, she reached out to a Pennsylvania State Senator and hired her daughter to attend the Campaign forum to ask Hillary this question. Hillary hired a young girl who has already been in several campaign ads supporting Hillary Clinton.

Brennan Leach was hired to ask Hillary a question about "body imaging" to try and shame Donald Trump and remarks he's made to a few women. This is part of what many feel is part of the grand conspiracy to prove that Hillary is a good person and she's pure evil folks. She has to hire people to be there to try and make Hillary look good.

Expect Hillary to be very familiar with many people in the audience. I don't expect any of the people in the audience to be vetted before they come in. She'll be ready for their questions with prepared answers. The reason for this is because lies are pretty hard to remember, and since Hillary is a pathological liar, she needs help keeping her lies in order and for someone to help with what she needs to say when the cameras are on her. It's a criminal thing to do, but since Hillary Clinton has the FBI on the payroll and Attorney General Loretta Lynch in her back pocket, I don't think Hillary has anything to worry about.

I'm really hoping that someone asks Clinton about her e-mail scandal, about the people she had killed in Benghazi, or about the Clinton Foundation and its dubious dealings but since this is a three on one and most of the audience members will be "plants", I doubt that will happen.

Another "plant" that I believe we're going to see is an illegal alien child in the audience or a Mom with some kids. These kids are going to pull on some heart strings by asking questions like "What's going to happen to my Mommy and Daddy when you become president? Are you going to send them back to Mexico?

If you want proof, look up how Hillary talks to and even verbally berates Secret Service people and members of the United States Military. She continuously tells members of the Secret Service and members of the United States military to "Fuck off."

Hillary has shown over and over again her inability to answer a question unless she already knows what the question will be and her team prepares the answers for her. I've already learned that Hillary is going to have several "plants" in the audience.

A town hall debate is more like a direct confrontation. Both Hillary and Donald will be taking questions from the audience and the people will be hand picked by the moderators. 

I think it's shameful that Hillary has to do this, but since she's a pathological liar and a complete disgrace.  I hope she loses the Presidential Election by a major landslide.

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