Sanctuary cities are harmful to the U.S citizens

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Sanctuary cities are financially harmful to the U.S citizens

I'm not against the original concept of a sanctuary city, but I'm very against what sanctuary cities have become.

Sanctuary cities were originally established with the aim of providing aid, and incorporating people into the American life, from the war torn countries in Central America. Sanctuary policies have a solid basis on the empathy facet, with immense backing of churches as well as the local aid organizations. In light of this premise, the policies in sanctuary cities are fabricated to help people who come from vulnerable societies, to live a safe and healthy life. However, in the last few years, high profile incidents, where illegal immigrants have committed heinous crimes, have made people question the deleterious impacts of these cities.

The most eminent theme is the fact that, sanctuary cities are harmful to the American citizens. Besides the crimes that are prevalent in these cities, it is a fact that a majority of illegal immigrants receive free benefits from the government. This is unfair considering that, the burden of caring for these illegals is shifted to the American taxpayer. Many people are oblivious of the fact that, apart from free education, illegals also get other benefits, which will form the basis of this report.

I'm also going to show how, every four years, the states that usually go towards Democrats just happen to be the cities that have the highest concentration of sanctuary cities.

According to a recent study, over ten billion US dollars goes directly to the illegal immigrants living in sanctuary cities (Akin, 2012). Many Americans would refer to this as cheating; it is also illegal considering the fact that, the people who receive the benefits do not have the right to be in the U.S at the first place. It is unfair that illegals can get benefits at the expense of the tax payer, who is forced to be contented with dilapidated infrastructure, poor public services, and an ineffective Medicaid program. A person would wonder how sanctuary cities continue to cost the American taxpayer. Stunningly, illegal immigrants are not required to confirm their immigration status to receive the federal benefit programs, for example, food and Medicaid (Akin, 2012).

The current use of welfare by illegal immigrants may be surprising in regards to the restrictions imposed on welfare in 1996, but the restrictions only deal with a small number of legal immigrants at any time. Illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities often get government benefits on behalf of their children who are born in the U.S., known as anchor babies. These children have the same welfare eligibility as any other citizen (Camarota, 2015).

In a State like California, illegal immigrants can be able to get their drivers licenses (Mason, 2015). This came after a law was signed, allowing the immigrants to seek licenses. Besides the licenses, California has also expanded the in state tuition for more students, who are in the country illegally. People who do not have any legal status can be able to obtain legal documents as well as other professional services (Mason, 2015). A city like San Francisco became a sanctuary city in 1989; different States have followed, with the same pattern. Under a law that was passed in 2013, the local law enforcement officials headed by Democrats, were prevented from detaining immigrants for longer than is necessary on minor offenses, so that they can be turned to the federal officials for purposes of deportation (Mason, 2015).

Illegal immigrants, who are victims of domestic violence, have children or are pregnant, may be eligible for emergency cash assistance from the Department of Homeland Security. The money is given to help the victim get into a safe living situation (Occupation of Oregon). The immigrants can also receive cash assistance on a temporary basis if they are experiencing, or at risk of domestic violence. Working illegals, in need of childcare help may be able to get childcare benefits from the Department of Homeland Security, even if they are not citizens. The immigrants do not have to disclose their immigration status (Occupation of Oregon).

Illegal immigrants are getting health benefits in large numbers in dozens of sanctuary cities across the U.S. at the expense of the American taxpayer. A survey by one newspaper has found out that, twenty five counties that have the highest number of illegal immigrants, are assisting them to get basic health services (Newsmax, 2016). The services include, free doctor visits, prescription drugs, lab tests, surgeries and all emergency care. Most of these services are free or inexpensive to the illegal immigrants who are required to prove that they reside within the city. In most cases, the illegal immigrants are told that their immigration does not matter. Giving free services to the illegal immigrants encourages them to come to sanctuary cities in large numbers (Newsmax, 2016). The aggregate cost of providing illegal immigrants with free benefits detrimentally affects the U.S economy.

This free money will continue to go to illegals living in this country as long as the illegals continue to vote Democrat.

Have you ever noticed the cities that Democrats win every four years are the ones that have the highest level of Sanctuary cities' These individuals must vote democrat if they want to continue receiving free education, free housing and free healthcare.

In conclusion, if the U.S is passionate about the heavy utilization of welfare by the illegal immigrants living in sanctuary cities, then the selection of the most skilled immigrants who are likely to use less welfare is the best course of action. Trying to prevent illegal immigrants from using welfare after they have been allowed into the country will definitely not work. The implementation of immigration laws and encouraging the illegal immigrants to go back to their country is the only way the government can avoid the immense costs. The legalization of illegal immigrants will increase their use of welfare benefits as most illegal immigrants who live in sanctuary cities have low levels of education.


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