President Donald Trump's First 100 Days as President

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Donald Trump's First 100 Days as President

Even though many critics have failed to give credit where credit is due in the first 100 days of Trump's presidency, Mathew Kroenig; an associate professor of Government at Georgetown University has advocated for fairness in evaluating Trump's accomplishments. According to Kroenig, Trump's administration is done away with the rhetoric that characterized the campaign trail, and has begun to implement foreign policies, which for the most part are ideal for dealing with the problems ahead (Drezner, 2017). Despite the opposition, Trump has accomplished many things in his first 100 days as president.

Supreme Court

1. January 1st, 2017 - Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S Supreme Court

Following the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, on January 2016, President Trump nominated Judge Neil to fill his position (Acosta, 2017). A groundbreaking level of transparency, as well as involvement by the American voters, marked the nomination process.


2. January 23rd, 2017-Withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Trump signed an executive memorandum ordering the U.S to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and negotiations (Acosta, 2017). Through the executive order, the president encouraged the government to pursue effective bilateral trade talks for the purpose of promoting the American industry, workers and raising the minimum wages.


3. January 25th, 2017-Immigration

Trump signed an executive order, which outlined the country's border security as well as immigration enforcement strategies (Acosta, 2017). The executive order included directives to start the construction of the U. S-Mexican wall to ensure the protection of the southern border. The executive order also provides guidelines to deport illegal immigrants, perceived as threats to the community (Acosta, 2017).

4. January 25th, 2017-Sanctuary cities

To enhance the security of the interior of the U.S, the president signed an executive order, which would strip federal funding for the Sanctuary Cities (Drezner, 2017). The president signed the executive order after revelations that Sanctuary cities were hubs for illegal activities which are mostly committed by illegal immigrants. The executive order by the President is a way to ensure that jurisdictions which fail to comply with the applicable federal law do not get federal funds except as stated by the law (Acosta, 2017).

Public Safety

5. February, 9th, 2017-Protection of law enforcement officers

President Trump signed an Executive order for the purpose of preventing violence against the federal, state, Tribal and the local law enforcement officers (Acosta, 2017). The Executive law came at a time when law enforcement was facing serious threats from various sources.

6. February 9th, 2017-Implementation of a task force on violent crimes

The U.S President signed an executive order which directed the attorney general to implement a task force, for the purpose of reducing crime and ensuring public safety (Acosta, 2017).

7. February 9th, 2017-Tackling international cartels

Trump signed an order instructing the U.S attorney general to create a comprehensive strategy for dealing with criminal organizations as well as international traffickers (Acosta, 2017).

Helping Women and Minorities

8. February 13th, 2017-Creation of Canada-United States Council for the Advancement of women entrepreneurs.

President Trump, together with the Canadian prime minister, hosted a meeting with the women entrepreneurs (Acosta, 2017). The primary aim of the conference was to announce the implementation of the Canada-United States Council for the advancement of the women entrepreneurs.

9. February 28th, 2017-Implementation of the HBCU initiative.

Trump signed an executive order to reposition and strengthen the HBCU initiative in the White House (Acosta, 2017). The HBCU primary role would be to advance the country's full potential, create better opportunities for higher education and strengthen the initiative's capacity of providing high-quality education. The initiative will also help increase college graduates in the country (Acosta, 2017).

National Security

10. April, 6th, 2017-Airstrikes on Syrian Airfields

The president gave the military permission to attack an airport in Syria. The field was used to carry out chemical weapon attacks (Acosta, 2017).


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