Media Induced Racism and Hatred toward its citizens

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American Media Keeping Racism Alive in the USA

As an important institution in the society, the media should play a critical role, that is, it should be responsible for providing people with definitions about their identity, reinforcing their values, norms and providing good examples of the consequences of transgressing the norms. Conversely, the American media has not lived to these ideal standards as exhibited by their biased reporting. This is why they feel outraged when a truck flying the confederate flag passes an all African-American birthday party, but continue to give praises to the African-American lives matter movement, despite the fact that the movement is constantly harassing people by invading their space and intimidating them in Cities like Milwaukee. The racial tension has painted a picture of a modern American where it is not racist when an African-American does it. With the current happenings, it is hapless to see that only white police officers make news. When an African-American policeman shoots someone or engages in a violent act, the media pays little attention. This paper will outline some violent acts perpetrated by African-American officers in an attempt to show that the media is only dividing us as Americans and that all races irrespective of their skin color are prone to suffer in a system that oppresses its own citizens.

A research analysis released in 2015 revealed that more white people died at the hands of law enforcement compared to any other race (Richardson, 2015). This happens even as the media, the justice department and the social groups focus their attention on the African-American victims of the police force. The media has failed to uncover the racism that is camouflaged behind the African-Americans alleged victim hood by carrying the stereotype of African-American people being victims. The media is biased to think that whites are the only racist group. Racism is thought to only exist as an institutional phenomenon and African-American people are perceived to be institutionally weak (Greenfield, 2015). What the media does not seem to recognize is that perceiving African-American people as victims and white people as perpetrators only dehumanizes the two races.

On January 2015, an African-American policeman Jesse Hill shot a white woman by the name Autumn Steele as her son watched. The story did not get intense media consideration and numerous individuals did not get the opportunity to find out about it, most likely in light of the fact that there were no protests and the media maybe felt that the story could not sell (Anglin, 2015). According to the police, Hill was responding to a disturbance on when he found Autumn in front of her house hitting her husband. The family dog attached Hill and he responded by firing, the bullet hit the woman instead of the dog. Despite calls to release the crime footage, the police only released an edited copy raising the suspicion that the dog did not actually attack the African-American officer. In light of this situation, it is insane that the media only focuses on cases of white policemen shooting 'unarmed teens' who attack them, but nothing is said about cases where the race is reversed (Anglin, 2015).

Even though the liberal media is quick to report about white police officers who murder African-American men and who are often labeled as racists, the media did not get the message when two African-American cops in Louisiana opened fire on a white man wounding him and killing his six year old son. Los Angeles officers Norris Greenhouse and Derrick Stafford did not explain the reason they tried to pull over Christopher Few and his six year old Autistic son (Anderson, 2015). The police shot Chris's car eighteen times. Christopher had bullet pieces in his head and lungs, his young son was shot five times in the head and chest; he died in his car seat. If it was a white officer who had shot a young African-American kid and wounded his unarmed father, the nation's media would definitely have paid more attention (Anderson, 2015).

In Gaston, a family is still searching for answers after a white mother was shot and killed by an African-American policeman (Staff, 2015). The cop by the name LaDoniqua Neely shot, killing 43 year old Betty Sexton. The police were called to her home in connection to a domestic dispute; apparently, there were two people in Betty's homestead (Staff, 2015). Sexton was holding an African-American powder rifle when she got shot in the mid-section; she later passed on after she was taken to a doctor's facility (Staff, 2015).

Zachary Thomas Bailey, an African-American cop was arrested on March 2015 for sexually assaulting a white woman who was on probation (Golgowski, 2015). The woman was scared of violating her probation if she turned him in and so she recorded the encounter with the rapist. The rape victim alleged that on two occasions Zachary sexually assaulted her, to make the situation worse; the victim?s daughter was home when her mom was being attacked (Golgowski, 2015). The cop would ensnare the woman into the bedroom where he would sexually assault her.

In Baltimore, the city where riots erupted after an African-American man was executed; there was silence when an unarmed white man was shot by an African-American cop. The case only exhibited the fact that inequity only flows in the white on African-American direction and not vice versa (Anderson, 2015). The African-American Baltimore policeman was en route to a group meeting when he stopped to talk with a white man, when the officer was addressing the man; he requested that he remove his hands from his pockets. Despite the fact that the man did not have any weapons he was shot and taken to a doctor's facility in a critical condition (Anderson, 2015). The scanty information on this case only proves the fact that the media is not interested in cases where a white person is treated unfairly; they only react when an African-American person is treated in what is thought to be in most situations unfair circumstances.

Philippe Archer an African-American Miami cop beat and kicked a white woman during an arrest that took place in Miami (Fireandreamitchell, 2015). However, no uproars, no plundering and structures set on flame over the activities of the African-American cop. A report also shows that when a passerby was trying to intervene, the cop struck the passerby to (Fireandreamitchell, 2015). Before the incidence, Archer had been previously engaged in several lawsuits. On May 2015, an African-American cop was punished for allegedly punching a white woman in the face (Anderson, Black Cop Gets Minor Suspension For Punching Handcuffed White Woman In The Face, 2015). Even though the racial assault took place two years before the punishment, there was no protest or any investigations. The issue was not publicized by the media; this act has made many people believe that it's only racism and brutality if the fist belongs to a white cop and the person that is in handcuffs is African-American (Anderson, Black Cop Gets Minor Suspension For Punching Handcuffed White Woman In The Face, 2015).

In what is now termed as an apparent case of favoritism, an African-American Texas cop was not arrested on 12th August, even though his blood alcohol level was two times the legal limit when he swerved into an oncoming lane and violently smashed a corvette rolling on top of it and killing a man who was in it (Keller, 2016). Brian Manring, who was described as a thirty six year old father of an eight year old girl died at the scene. The cop was who was responsible for Brian's death; James Comb, refused to take a field sobriety test and a breathalyzer test which is a standard procedure for all the cops who get pulled over while they are drunk (Keller, 2016).

A rookie who was serving with the Jacksonville Sherriff office was charged with battery. The officer had smacked a Caucasian woman who was shackled (Johnson, 2016). The officer identified as Akinyemi Borisade assaulted the white woman after she allegedly refused to be handcuffed. Even though the woman is reported to have been drunk, the officer's actions were not justifiable in any way. It is unfortunate that he went opposite of what they are trained to do in the police academy. Though heinous by all means, the incident did not receive a huge media attention, probably because the woman was not African-American and this was not racists as the media could have purported if it was a white police officer mishandling a African-American woman (Johnson, 2016).

Noah Winchester an Ex-Californian police officer was charged with sexual assault on women. Even though his case can be classified in the category of gender based violence, he assaulted different races including whites (The Guardian, 2016). His actions are a testament that all races in American suffer the same challenges and unless a common solution is found to heal the already ailing system. Winchester assaulted five women in his crime spree (The Guardian, 2016)

In light of all the presented evidence and facts, it is clear that White people are also victims of a police force that has gone way beyond its mandate. It is unfortunate that the media edits what it airs and make people believe that only once race is suffering. The media has successfully created tension and encouraged a race war by giving some stories more media attention than others. All the stories that have been highlighted in this paper, which involve African-American policemen either killing or mistreating white people have not been given much attention or airtime. This is because, the media has mainly established itself as an institution whose main agenda is to divide the citizens. They have done this by highlighting the plight of one race and claiming that the race problems stems from the perceived superiority of the other race which is not a fact. If we are to be united as a nation, then we should not agree the media should not divide people into groups, all human life is equally important, the white life is not more important than the African-American life and the African-American life is not more important than the white life. The widespread notion that some lives are more important than others is a testament that the media is already succeeding in dividing and conquering us and unless we unite and see the real picture, then we are doomed for darker days ahead.


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