Kathy Griffin Plays The Victim

Posted on June 04, 2017 in  BlogGeneral Blurps

Poor Kathy Griffin.


Stop playing the victim, Kathy Griffin. It's always someone else's fault, isn't it?

I saw your press conference and you're whining about how Donald Trump Broke you.


This is terror propaganda, Kathy Griffin. Take some responsibility for what you did and stop trying to say that Donald Trump broke you.

I'm certain Donald Trump didn't call you and ask you to record a video session with your photographer and put it on YouTube with you holding a bloody likeness of Donald Trump's head..ISIS style.

You're standing there saying you never meant to hurt anyone and that's a lie.

You're not the victim, Kathy Griffin.

Donald Trump's 11 year old son Barron is the victim. Donald Trump's family is the one suffering here.

I saw your initial apology victim. You had no makeup on and trying to look very apologetic and devastated. That was a very poor attempt at an apology. You didn't apologize to President Trump or his son, especially his 11-year old son who you really upset.

You apologized for what you did, but not to the people who deserved the apology.

Even Chelsea Clinton tweeted how "vile and wrong" it is to joke about killing a president.  Roseanne Barr also spoke out against this act of Kathy Griffins and rightfully so.

Now Kathy Griffin says that Donald Trump is going too far? HOW??

He's the President that you just joked about killing and he's the father of the 11-year old that you scared.

Why Did Kathy Do It?

Honestly, this is a lot like the days of High School.  Everyone wanted to sit with the cool kids and do the things that makes you cool.  Kathy Griffins career had been on a downward spiral for a very long time.  I think she just wants to be popular again and try to get people to start talking about her.

She did the same thing that Michael Richards did when he was doing his usual pathetic comedy act and started shouting the "N-Word" at some black people in the audience.  Michael actually thought that by getting some shock laughs that he'd win over the crowd.  It didn't work and this horrible act of yours Kathy Griffin won't work for you either.

.....and it shouldn't.

There's talk of President Trump taking you to court and he should.  Not just because you glorified the beheading of a President, but he's also a father and you terrified his 11-year old child.

Pathetic, but are you Kathy Griffin!!

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