Hillary is cruel to our US military troops

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It has always been said that a measure of a person's character is by how you treat the people who you do not have to treat nicely, people who by all means can be considered to be your aides. By this measure, Hillary Clinton fails totally for it is well known that she treats her subordinates with snide derision and disrespect. When her husband was the president, people were often told not to look at her or even speak to her, this acts patently shows her loathe for people that were not in her social class. In light of these convictions, this paper will analyze Hillary Clinton and how horribly she treats the men and women of the U.S military.

According to the Washington post, the U.S military should not be underestimated at all costs; the military has played a very significant role in the American development (Kagan, 2012). Disrespecting one military officer is equivalent to disrespecting the entire military force that has sacrificed immensely to ensure that Americans thrive in peace and liberty. Hillary Clinton's act, which degrades the acclaim that Americans accord to the Military are examples, of how horribly; she treats the men as well as women of the U.S military. Not only are her acts mean, but they also demoralize the esteem of many men and women who endured great suffering to see America establish its tenets of democracy in a free environment.

The Benghazi attack is a good example of how horribly Clinton treats the U.S military. It is disappointing that as secretary of state, she let American soldiers die in a foreign land for lack of military back up (Shapiro, 2015). Even though she had the power to authorize for immediate back up for the besieged soldiers, she chose to remain quiet and watch the event unfold. The event resulted in casualties and Clinton remorse could not erase her betrayal on the military (Caroll, 2016). She later excused herself by downplaying the magnitude of the situation during that time, a fact that clearly indicated that she did not honor the great sacrifice of U.S service men. Hillary also said that the families of the soldiers who were killed in Benghazi were liars; this remark was a direct disrespect of the slain soldiers.

Hillary Hates our US Military

Apart from Benghazi attack, many military officials have come out strongly criticizing Hillary because of her actions. A retired military K9 handler Eric Bonner clarified that his experience with Hillary made him not to bolster her for the presidency (Olson 2016). On his Facebook page, Bonner explains that his reason for not supporting Hillary has nothing to do with the fact that she has broken innumerable laws in the past, but the fact that she spoke to him once. What Bonner does not explain is the fact that when Clinton spoke to him, she was rude as she has always been, to the military (Olson, 2016). Bonner says that when Clinton met him, her words to him were, ?Get that fucking dog away from me?  Bonner additional explains that Clinton berated her detail about this ordeal, when Bonner apologizes to one of the details for getting him in trouble; the detail, explains that there was no need to worry because it happened every day (Olson, 2016).

Hillary has been described as an extremely rude person. As indicated by the extracts in the New York post, she does not seem to like the military (Murdock, 2015). Agent Lloyd Bulman has revealed that she cannot go over to meet with the military officers as is customary with many people who are protected. The military specialist further clarifies that Hillary was impolite to everybody. She always acted like she did not want people around (Murdock, 2015). In another scenario, Jeff Crane admitted that Hillary always cursed at officers for going over bumps, another member of her security detail explained that even though most members of first families would talk to them and smile, Hillary never did that (Murdock, 2015).

One military aid revealed that Hillary disliked the military aides in uniform at White House (Tooley, 2015). She always asked that instead of wearing the uniform, they should wear military suits. What she did not recognize is the fact that the military uniform is a sign of pride and for this reason, many servicemen are proud to wear their uniform. Hillary demands that the military wears suits instead of uniform is offends the military in that it dismisses their services as well as valor to serve (Tooley, 2015). Despite the hard work that they did, one military aide confessed that Hillary never said a thank you to appreciate them for their efforts (Murdock, 2015). Military aides who have worked with her for years explain that she did not take time to show that she valued them. Coy Copeland avows that inside the White house there was a standing standard, that nobody addressed her when she was going from one area to the next. If aides saw her coming, they would get into the first room they find (Murdock, 2015).

In conclusion, even if Hillary wins the election, it is evident that she will not receive the full military support. As per the Rasmussen poll of active and retired military, Hillary Clinton will be the most disrespected commander in chief if she becomes president (Mathews, 2015). Some of the reasons the military does not support her, has to do with what she has done in the past, for example, even though the military has a policy of leaving no one behind, Hillary Clinton did exactly this in the Benghazi attack where she abandoned the soldiers. Her horrible treatment towards the U.S military is an indication of mean personality and her ignorance of the sacrifices of the U.S military.


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