Hillary Clinton HATES Black People

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Hillary Clinton and the black American community seem to connect, as it seems, on many levels. What most of the black voters have not realized is that they have always been used in spite of their positions or even the campaign trail. In the American community, the black vote seems to arguably take the majority of the votes that are cast during the elections and the Clintons have always found a way to attract the bigger vote or even ensure that they are able to dictate the black vote on the leaders they impose. The main issue is that the Clintons, look as if they have been well versed with the black community and they know what they are going through. They have been able to connect with the black communities on levels that other politicians have tried reaching to and actually gained most of the votes. However, in the midst of all these accusations there is some truth in it. The truth is that the Clintons have made big promises to the black people and made them feel that they belong. What comes into play is what they have been involved in terms of how the black community has benefited with the reign of the Bill Clinton and a predicted reign of Hillary Clinton (Alexander, 2016).

Hillary Clinton has been seen as the model White American that is able to connect with the black people and has even been seen in the media visiting and posing with the black people. She has been able to get a lot of endorsements from the black leaders who feel that her promises are worth listening to and giving a chance. However, a number of things, as seen from the media and past events, show that Hillary Clinton hates the black people. The first is that there was a bill that was passed in the year 1994 regarding the crime bill (Alexander, 2016). Hillary was quoted saying that the black children were no longer the small gangs of kids in the streets she stated that they were becoming super predators and that they deserved to be stopped ruthlessly. Most of the people who recall this statement and many more words of hatred and negligence that were spoken by Hillary Clinton, show that she hates the black community and that whatever she is saying right now, is a way to get the black vote.

Another important factor that needs to be considered regarding Hillary Clinton?s stand on the issue of the black people is the past occurrences that her husband has been involved in (Alexander, 2016). During the campaigns that Bill Clinton conducted when he was vying for presidency, he followed the same trend that the wife is taking up right now. Bill Clinton was seen as the first president of the United States to belong to the black people. He gathered the votes in great numbers through his many promises to the people and even the assurance that he gave the black community. At a time of economic breakdown for the black people and many racism cases, Bill Clinton assured the black community that he would support them and make sure that they were treated equally in cases of being given jobs and their financial status being raised. All these promises were awaited eagerly by the black community and most people believed that finally the savior of the black people was their leader.

Hillary Clinton HATES Black People

However, after he got the seat, everything started going downwards rather than upwards in support of the black community. The job opportunities for the young people were not there and in fact they decreased. The issue of bettering the economic status was ignored and most people even state that when Bill Clinton took over the presidency, things got worse than what Reagan?s reign had been. He championed for a new crime bill in the United States and a lot of the black Americans young ones were arrested due to drugs and even other crimes. In the year 2001, America had become one of the countries that had the highest rates of incarcerations and most of the jailed offenders were black people. They seemed to be bringing in trouble and at some point, Bill Clinton?s reign was stated as the one with the highest rates of racism and race discrimination. The reason as to why Hillary is seen to hate the black people in this context is that, she did not stand up for the black people and actually accelerated the damage that had already been made.

The last straw of the actions and the things that Hillary has done to show that she hates black people is the campaign that she supported and actually attended that was held by the NYC mayor (Anderson, 2016). The theme or driving force for this campaign was stated as a joke on how the black people are lazy and how their time goes slower than the whites. The campaign?s slogan sort to find an awareness of people being productive but the use of the black people being lazy and working on a different time zone shows that Hillary Clinton has unquestionable loyalty to the blacks. Having tolerated such statements and even attending such a campaign in the sense of wanting to be different or supporting a fellow politician, showed that she is arguably distasteful to the blacks. It showed his ideology of how black people work and how they do not consider time management. It showed that she sees the black community as being senseless with time and that they are less productive. This campaign brought about a lot of hate and even bad blood to those who were attending the campaign but unfortunately, most of the black people have no idea what happened.

These things among many more go to show that Hillary Clinton is not what she says she is. She is not the black community fighter and if people don?t take heed to what they are being told and even showed, they may end up regretting when she takes up the presidency. It is not appropriate that the one of the Clintons is using a tactic that was used by her husband some time back, of which most people know what, is going to come out of all these. Therefore, the black people should not feel like they owe Hillary Clinton any vote. As far as facts are there and evidence on what she and her husband have done to the black community. She does not deserve any black vote and should actually stop making a fool out of the black community.


Why Hillary Clinton Doesn't Deserve the Black Vote From the crime bill to welfare reform, policies Bill Clinton enacted and Hillary Clinton supported decimated black America. By Michelle Alexander FEBRUARY 10, 2016


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