Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's Disease

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Hillary Clinton's health is one major concern that the whole nation has been taking into consideration and there is a lot of prove to show that the campaigning politician may not be able to hold the presidential seat if she wins the elections. The whole nation has been evidently supplied with numerous reports from physicians and even close people who work for Hillary Clinton and they state that she has the Parkinson's condition. Most of the citizens have also witnessed numerous cases whereby she has either collapsed or even something totally abnormal has happened to her while in public. One of the main issues that I sought to discuss about this is due to the fact that she is vying for presidency and it would be a tragedy for the nation to have an unstable president. Parkinson's disease takes toil of someone?s lifestyle and the coordination of the body. It makes the person unable to control his or her body functioning and may at time be seen as not being normal. People with Parkinson?s disease cannot take up any major roles or even positions that tend to pressure them up due to the fact that they get overwhelmed by the conditions of stress.

Therefore, the claim that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's is supported by a lot of views and even evidential factors that play in part of what she does in the day to day life. The first major evidence that Hillary Clinton is suffering from Parkinson's disease is the fact that she has been seen fainting and being unconscious on so many events whereby on average conditions, someone who is healthy would not collapse (Cernovich, 2016). She seems to have these episodes when she is in a place where there is a lot of people. An example of such an occasion is what happened on Memorial Day. Clinton collapsed at the event that was held at a serene environment where there were no bizarre weather conditions. The people around stated that the weather was cool and it was not too hot to cause someone who is healthy to faint. She was rushed to hospital but most people who suffer from Parkinson?s disease tend to be somewhat vulnerable to a lot of fainting episodes.

In July, a video was taken showing Hillary frozen. The term frozen is used to show that she remained still as if in shock. The main people who were there stated that there were a lot of reporters who had surrounded her and in the midst of her answering the questions, she froze and was only doing some head nodding (Cernovich, 2016). She remained in the position for some time and later recovered her posture. The Parkinson's disease causes such shocks on a patient and may tend to even cause someone to stop in the middle of an activity since the mind tends to become overworked. On a medical perspective, this condition or state may cause a seizure and make someone lose consciousness of the environment around them and may cause one to injure him or herself. The Parkinson?s disease is one of the diseases that tend to show how the brain is affected by certain episodes of shock.

The presence of handlers who are always near Hillary Clinton is something else to question her health life (Conservative Outfitters, 2016). The main issue is that these handlers are always near her and when an episode hits her, they are seen rushing her away and some are said to carry around some pen like items that they use to inject her, to return to normalcy. It is with great concern that the citizens ask, will the presidential bodyguards be used as handlers if Hillary gets to win the seat? Will she have one of such episodes in- case of a national crisis? These are the questions that are going through everyone?s mind, especially those in close contact with her. The frequent passing out due to big crowds and long hours of talking or giving a speech are being avoided by the Presidential candidate so much that it has started making people raise eyebrows. Most people fear that she may not be fit health wise and that the physicians should look further into her case and argument.

The other main issue is that, the candidate is not taking part in active campaign programs as would be expected of a presidential candidate (Cernovich, 2016). She is limiting her contact with the public and she is also avoiding any contact with media personalities. She is distancing herself from the media and even any instances that she might be faced with the pressure of talking to big groups of people. The main issue is that Hillary is not entirely ready to become the president of the great nation of America. She has health issues that date back to 2009 when she had the head injury. It is being said that the symptoms have increasingly become many and they are threatening to end her career. The recent avoidance of contact and even constant seizures are what makes the nation scared of what exactly will happen if such a person is to take up the seat of presidency. The physicians that look after Hillary have been saying controversial statements regarding her health. Some have been saying that she is well and that she only needs some time to herself while other believe that she is terribly sick and needs to stop campaigning for the presidential seat.

The issues of having reports released and mostly having seizures in public will prove to be very terrifying when it comes to the presidential vote. The campaigns may go through and even result to Hillary being elected, but is it fair for the nation to be led by someone who is not stable health wise and who is not entirely manageable to handle the her issues? Leadership is obtained and gifted by the people but now if Hillary continues to deceive people on being healthy, yet it is quite evident that she is deteriorating, then the nation will fall to her mercy. The physicians who believe that their tests are accurate need to report and state that their findings are correct. The issue of being silent and waiting for the nation to have a president who is not stable and who is attacked by seizures will cause a national disaster. Parkinson's disease is a dangerous disease if the patients who have it, do not consider any medical assistance in any way and surrender to the effects that come along with it. 


Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's Disease, Physician Confirms AUGUST 12, 2016 BY MIKE CERNOVICH

Conservative Outfitters,

September 6th 2016

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