Hillary Clinton complaining about unfair treatment

Posted on November 01, 2016 in  BlogGeneral Blurps

Hillary Clinton Complaining about "Unfair Treatment"

Seriously?  Did Hillary Clinton, of all people, just say that she isn't being treated fairly?  You will possibly be the first president with a criminal background but you get to avoid any penalties and consequences because your last name is Clinton!

Hillary Clinton is upset hat FBI Director James Comey is reopening their case against Hillary Clinton. 

Newsflash, Hillary Clinton.  Mishandling National Security Information is a CRIME!!!  The FBI is responsible for investigating these crimes.  Also, remember that James Comey did say that if new information came up regarding this case, that the FBI would be investigating it..and that's what they're doing!!

James Comey seriously screwed up for being talked into dropping this case and I personally believe he was either bribed or coerced into doing so.  James Comey revived the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server as he could no longer resist mounting pressure by other FBI agents who worked their butts off to gather so much evidence that warranted and indictment against Hillary Clinton!!

James Comey, if you make a deal with the devil, you lose more than your lose respect of your fellow FBI agents.  The ones who worked tirelessly to prove Hillary's guilt.  You stabbed your fellow FBI Agents in the back when you dropped the case after there was so much evidence.


The Intelligence Agency does NOT want Hillary Clinton to become President

Even Judge Napolitano called Hillary Clinton out by revealing what Wikileaks also revealed.  He revealed that even the intelligence community in the United States doesn't want Hillary Clinton to be President of the United States because Hillary doesn't know how to handle state secrets.  Some of the State secrets that Hillary Clinton revealed used the Proper and True names of American Intelligence Agents operating undercover in the middle east.  When they lost their cover, they ran for their loves but some of them didn't run fast enough and lost their lives.  

Ths evil woman, Hillary Clinton, has been getting a free pass by our corrupt media long before she announced her candidacy for President of the United States.

Hillary was not unfairly untreated.

Back when it was Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination and the race for delegates and Super Delegates, the Democratic super delegate system sparked controversy when Bernie Sanders would win State after State, but Hillary would be the one receiving more delegates and super delegates.

Bernie Sanders was the one being mistreated, not you Hillary.

The other main issue was the Benghazi war that caused the death of four American citizens including the ambassador!  Hillary Clinton did not make any effort to protect the embassy nor the rangers that were at the site of the attack!!  She was, however, let go of any charges of irresponsibility by the listening committee thus making the case closed and to never again be reopened.  It still pains most people and many Americans for having seen the evidences that show the contact made and Hillary Clinton absolutely refusing to protect the American lives that were unfortunately lost.

You know the only way you can win the presidency is to RIG this entire process, which is exactly what you have done, Hillary Clinton!!

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