First Presidential Debate was obviously rigged

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First presidential debate rigged

The first presidential debate just proved that Hillary Clinton can break rules for power. This is shown by the strategies her group used to rig the debate. A majority of people who watched the debate have complained that there were many red flags which proved that it was rigged. This paper will analyze how Clinton's camp rigged the first presidential debate in their attempt to intimidate Donald Trump and make him look like a loser.

The plan to rig the first presidential debate was well orchestrated, long before the debate was held. The main parties who played a part in the rigging include, Hillary and her camp, the organizers of the debate, NBC moderator Lester Holt, the venue managers and the security details manning the facility from where the debate was being held (Chin 2016). The rigging process begun when a small special podium was made for Hillary; her podium was much smaller compared to that of Donald Trump. The effect of a smaller podium is that it gave Hillary the illusion that she was big in regards to her physical stature. Hillary podium was equipped with a teleprompter (Chin 2016).

Before the debate, there was a footage going round that revealed how devices that were installed in Hillary podiums were brought in (Chin 2016). The footage also showed how documents, probably the debate questions were given by someone who was working on the inside. These activities are highly suspicious as they could have been directed towards something. Even though Lester Holt has refuted claims that he was wired, photos that were taken during the debate show otherwise (Chin 2016). Both Holt and Hillary were wired.

During the now controversial debate, it is evident that Hillary?s Podium light up with a computer screen, contrary to Trump's podium which stayed dark (Chin 2016). Hillary was seen pressing something, which is now known to be a teleprompter. Even though her motions were attributed to have been caused by her confirmed condition of Parkinson disease, it is evident that they were deliberate as opposed to being involuntary (Chin 2016). Hillary likewise gave hand signs to Lester Holt. She scratched her nose and touched her face in repetitive motions; these movements promted Holt to intrude, attack and moderate Trump. The planning of these movements was very precise and could not have been circumstantial. Holt permitted Clinton to talk unreservedly. He did not try to actualize Clinton assertions, this, plus inquiries that excluded Clinton's reputation were a set up that did not support Trump (Chin 2016).

Holt Asked Trump if he was an impassioned supporter of the Iraq war (Tavakoli 2016). When Trump affirmed that he was not, Holt appeared to wrangle about him. He did not ask similar questions to Clinton. When the war on Iraq began, Clinton was a representative and she supported the war. In contrast to Trump, Hillary had access to data; however, she was not over grilled like Trump. It is indistinct why the moderator chose to disregard Clinton. Donald Trump grumbled that his amplifier was not functioning appropriately. It kept cutting out (Tavakoli 2016). Trump together with the live audience could be able to detect the problem, but TV viewers could not tell the difference.

A bad microphone is immensely distracting; it can affect how a speaker conveys his message (Tavakoli 2016). The next day, Hillary and Michelle ridiculed Trump for his claims. However, the two women did not take time to research whether Trump was audio impaired (Tavakoli 2016). It is after Trump called complained that the debate commission issued its one sentence at the slowest point of the news cycle. The debate commission owes American citizens an explanation as to why Trump's microphone was not functioning well as well as the timing of the statement (Tavakoli 2016).

The biggest evidence of the rigging was clearly shown by the activities that took place after the debate ended (Chin 2016). Live footage showed Clinton?s camp engaging in a dance right after the debate. The reason they did this was to retrieve the device that was secretly sneaked in Hillary's podium. This happened as people milled around shaking hands (Chin 2016). A Democratic Party strategist was seen darting with two people behaving as lookouts. The movement of these individuals showed that they were up to no good. As events unfolded, the entire Clinton camp surrounded the podium; they hide the retrieval of objects that had earlier been smuggled in the podium (Chin 2016). These objects were transferred from the democratic strategists to a different operative.

In conclusion, it is true that NBC universal contributed heavily to the Clinton foundation. The consortium has adopted a pro Clinton bias. This is why many questions that could have favored Trump were not included in the debate, for example, the issue of immigration was left out. The moderator did not see a reason to include some of the topics in the debate; however, he was quick to talk about tax returns and things that constitute a presidential debate; he did not raise the issue about Libya or the deleted email messages (Airey 2016).

For this purpose, even if people dismiss the fact that the first debate was rigged, it is undeniably true that the debate was immensely biased in favor of Hillary Clinton.


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