Early Voting Is A Bad Idea

Posted on November 03, 2016 in  BlogGeneral Blurps

I'm all in favor of people voting, but I'm against people voting early.

I think we should all vote on Election Day. One day. Election day should be the culmination of all the things we've learned about each candidate and the things that get uncovered about the candidates. We should decide on that one day who to vote for.

Another reason we should NOT have early voting is because it's during the last month to few weeks of an election campaign that each candidate does really DEEP research into the other.

Hillary Clinton is in full panic mode

Hillary is used to getting away with murder and all sorts of other crimes but the Wikileaks movement with crime revelations on Hillary Clintons part as well as FBI Director James Comey reopening the email investigation (the FBI sellout) is moving toward indictment.

Hillary Clinton is the first person in the history of this country to be a Presidential nominee with an indictment waiting for matter WHAT happens on election day.

Hillary Clinton knows full well that the corrupt media in this country won't talk about the racist, sexist and gay bashing things that Hillary Clinton has been saying.

If Donald Trump makes a controversial statement, the Hillary Clinton machine will take the story, put an untrue spin on it and then utilize its tools; when I say tools I mean the late night shows involving Steven Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brien and even the daytime shows like The View.

If Hillary Clinton makes a racist, sexist, facist or gay bashing remark like she's done several times, no one in the media will talk about it.

We have to learn the facts through Wikileaks. Everything Wikileaks has put about the dozens and dozens of crimes that Hillary has committed this YEAR has been coming out, which is exactly why Hillary Clinton wants people to vote now and EARLY so that people will have already voted before even more crimes that Hillary Clinton has committed gets revealed.

It's shameful but it's one of the many ways that Hillary Clinton will continue to rig this election to the bitter end.

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