Donald Trump First 100 Days as President

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Donald Trump First 100 Days as President

Since his swearing in ceremony as the 45th President of the U.S on January 20th, Donald J Trump has been very active, taking action on several important issues. Even though the President's reception has been met with mixed reactions from different camps, it is evident that the President has the citizen's interest at heart. Many critics have failed to look at what is working so far; they have concentrated on creating chaotic emotions, which pollute the mind of American citizens making them believe that Trump's presidency is a big fail. This report will go against the mainstream ideologies and document ten accomplishments of the Trump's presidency.

In his campaigns, Trump promised that he would erase the mess that was in Washington. He explained that the government was spending so much on unnecessary projects (Hawkins, 2017). To honor his promise, Trump Froze all the federal hiring that was taking place outside the military. His actions can be compared to those of Ronald Reagan, who implemented a federal hiring freeze immediately he became president. Trump's actions are commendable because they will reduce government spending significantly (Hawkins, 2017).

On women and science, the president signed two bills which aimed at promoting women in the STEM fields (UPI Staff, 2017). The Protecting Women in Entrepreneurship Act demands the National Science Foundation to recruit, and support women to improve their focus in the professional world (UPI Staff, 2017). The Inspiring the Next Space Pioneers, Innovators, Researchers and Explorers Women Act require NASA to motivate women to learn science, engineering, and mathematics (UPI Staff, 2017).

The reinstatement of the Mexico City policy by Trump is a huge achievement, especially for pro-lifers (Hawkins, 2017). Through the policy, Trump has barred the U.S government from funding international nongovernmental organizations that encourage abortion. Because of this act, the American citizen's tax will no longer be used to kill unborn children abroad (Hawkins, 2017).

Contrary to his predecessor, Trump has approved the Dakota access pipeline and the Keystone pipeline (Hawkins, 2017). The approval of these two pipelines will benefit the American citizens in a big way. Not only will they help in the creation of jobs without causing detrimental effects to the environment, but they will also assist in the reduction of gas prices (Hawkins, 2017). Liberals may not be concerned about American citizens spending less on gas, but the approval of these two pipelines clearly indicates that Trump cares about the Americans.

Trump signed an executive order asking the Department of Justice and the Homeland Security to withhold federal funds, except as stipulated by law from the Sanctuary Cities (Hawkins, 2017). Trump has discussed many things concerning sanctuary cities. During his campaign, he explained that sanctuary cities are to be blamed partly for the lawlessness that is being experienced in the country (Hawkins, 2017). According to Trump, fewer sanctuary cities could translate to safety for the American citizens. It is ironic that previous governments have emphasized on the ideology of the rule of law and ignored illegal immigrants who do not abide by the same law as the rest of American citizens (Hawkins, 2017).

The construction of a wall was the primary promise of Trump's campaigns. Even though he was criticized on this one, he has already ordered construction to begin (Hawkins, 2017). As an extra feature to his promise, Trump has signed an executive order to increase the number of border patrol agents for deporting people who try to cross the border. Ultimately, Trump will be primarily judged when the wall is complete. However, every project has to start somewhere, and American citizens who support him are happy to see him taking bearings for this ambitious project, which will guarantee American safety (Hawkins, 2017).

On police protection, Trump signed an order which reviews the current laws, and come up with effective legislation to protect the federal, state as well as local law enforcement (UPI Staff, 2017). Trump's actions are a response to the increased attacks on the country's police officers. In the same spirit, Trump ordered the Attorney General to implement a new federal task force for sharing information among the different agencies, develop strategies and point out limitations in the present law (UPI Staff, 2017). These actions will eventually guarantee American safety in the long haul.

Trump's heroic efforts extend beyond the American borders (UPI Staff, 2017). In his efforts to fight foreign crime, the president signed an executive order which prioritizes efforts to prosecute international based crimes, for example, drug and human trafficking. His efforts demand strict enforcement of laws, which are already in the books and efforts for identification, and disruption of the foreign criminal organizations (UPI Staff, 2017). The President also signed an executive order to strengthen the American military. The order is a promise to rebuild the nation's forces and improve the national as well as the global security.


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