Donald Trump cancelling unconstitutional executive actions of Obama

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Donald Trump to cancel the unconstitutional executive actions of Obama

President Obama was fond of using executive actions, in order to enact policies, when his efforts to get legislation by using congress did not work. Even though the president was aware that his actions could be undone by the next president, Obama used unilateral executive actions in order to promote his agenda. Part of his interest for Hillary was the need to have another democratic president in order to continue with his legacy. The effectiveness of Obama's policy may now come to a halt after Trump; the President elect, promised that he would cancel every executive order that Obama created. This paper will analyze; in order of importance, some of the executive orders that Donald Trump may cancel out, in his first 100 days as President of the United States.

1. Healthcare

Trump has indicated that repealing and replacing the affordable care act is one of his top priorities. Despite the fact that a full repeal may need to move beyond a filibuster in the Senate, Republicans have indicated that they have the potential to roll back the law (Hartmann, 2016). As Trump works together with congress in an attempt to repeal Obama care, he is likely to start issuing an order to stop some of Obama executive actions. These actions helped to come up with special exemptions to Obama care for his favorite constituencies (Hartmann, 2016). Trump will need to come up with an Obama care replacement, in order to prevent millions from losing their health coverage.

2. Immigration

The president elect is seeking to repeal the Obama's unilateral changes to the country's immigration laws. Some of these laws prevented certain groups of people from being deported. For example, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), prevented people who came to the U.S illegally as children, from deportation (Hartmann, 2016). DACA was enacted through a policy memo by the homeland security secretary Janet Napolitano.

3. Climate change

Besides immigration, Trump has promised to make significant changes in matters pertaining to Climate change, where he has shown interest in renegotiating the Paris agreement (Bishop, 2016). The agreement is an international treaty to reduce global warming. Trump's administration is looking forward to block the EPA regulations, which have not been finalized. These rules have had a huge cost to society, and have crippled the United States energy sector (Bishop, 2016).

4. Trade

In matters pertaining trade, the President Elect announced his intention to renegotiate NAFTA or even withdraw from the deal under article 220. CNN money propounds that; any party can withdraw from the trade deal six months after they provide a written notice. According to Trump, the Trans-Pacific partnership is dead and for this reason, the United States will benefit more, if it does not engage in the trade partnership. Trump has also announced that he will label China as a currency manipulator (Hartmann, 2016). All goods from China will be subjected to a tariff of up to forty five percent.

5. Terrorism

On Terrorism, Trump has promised to redefine terrorism fighting strategies. President Obama signed an executive order that directed the CIA to stop utilizing various interrogation methods, for example, water boarding (Hartmann, 2016). In a debate that was held on March, Trump said that he would reauthorize water boarding for the suspected terrorists. The president elect plans on using every legal power that he has, to stop terrorism. It is likely that he will ban immigration from specific countries that pose threats to the U.S, owing to the fact that some of these countries are breeding grounds for radical Islamic terrorism (Bishop, 2016).

6. Foreign policy

On foreign policy, Trump is anticipating on canceling the executive order that eliminated the U.S endorsement on Iran. These sanctions created a cardinal leverage for the U.S negotiations with Iran (Hartmann, 2016). The removal of these sanctions has cleared Iran's path for the development of nuclear weapons. To be able to do this, Trump might issue an executive order, telling the U.S treasury department office to reintroduce the various economic sanctions in the Iranian government, financial institutions as well as businesses which were lifted as part of the Iranian deal (Bishop, 2016). Even though Trump had promised the reopening of diplomatic relations with Cuba, he pledged that he would reverse President Obama's actions until he established a better deal.

7. Life and religious liberty

On matters to do with life and religious liberty, Trump is likely to reverse Obama care taxpayer funding of abortion. He will be required to make a rulemaking process which will end the mandate for insurance to cover abortion, including drugs and contraception.

8. Gender identity

Concerning gender identity, Trump is likely to repeal the Obama's administration Title IX guidance equating gender identity with biological sex (Hartmann, 2016). The department of Justice and Department of education has used this guidance to punish education institutions for discriminations under Title IX, for having separate showers, locker rooms and bathrooms for both men and women. In conclusion, Trump will make a repeal of the above executive actions a priority.

9. End the offshoring Act

Trump will establish tariffs which will discourage consortiums from laying off their employees, in order to relocate to other countries and ship their products back to the U.S tax free (Bush, 2016).

10. Restore the community safety Act

The restoration of the above act will help in reduction of surging crime, drugs as well as violence (Bush, 2016). This will be done through the establishment of a task force; to deal with violent crimes and increasing funding for programs to train and assist the local police. Resources for the federal law enforcement agencies will be significantly increased (Bush, 2016).


By making some of these changes, the Trump administration will have a very easy opportunity to rectify some of the wrongs that were eminent in the past administration. The conservatives have been locked from this kind of opportunity for a very long time and it will be worthwhile if they take full advantage of it (Bishop, 2016).


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