Benefits for illegals at the taxpayer’s expense

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It is a known fact that unlawful immigration and amnesty for the current unlawful immigrants can have very large fiscal costs to the U.S taxpayers. The government provides four types of benefits that are significant to this issue, they include, the direct benefits, means tested welfare benefits, public education, and the population based services. The total expense of these services is bigger than many individuals would envision. The most unfortunate thing is that the U.S government system is immensely redistributive. Households with well educated members, have a tendency to be net tax contributors. This implies that, the taxes they pay go beyond the direct, as well as means tested benefits, education and services that they receive.

For example, in 2010, the U.S population household, with college educated heads, received $24,839 in government benefits, compared to $54,089 that they paid in taxes. This means that the average American household, made a fiscal surplus of $29,250 which the government used for the purpose of benefiting other households. Alternate family units are the net tax consumers, whose advantages surpass the duties that they pay.

In comparison to the legal immigrants, the illegal immigrants have no access to tested welfare, Medicaid or social security. Even though this is the case, it does not mean that they do not receive the government benefits as well as services (Rector & Richwine, 2016). Children who are conceived by unlawful immigrants get sponsored state funded schooling. Numerous unlawful workers living in the U.S have U.S born children. These children are eligible to receive a full package of government benefits, for example, welfare and Medicaid.  Illegal immigrants also use public utilities, like roads, parks, sewers and police (Rector & Richwine, 2016). It is paramount to expand these services in order to cover for the added population, failure to expand, leads to congestion, which often result in a decline of service quality (Rector & Richwine, 2016).

Illegals must vote Democrat to receive free Education, Healthcare and Housing

Certainly, people who cross the borders illegally are committing a very big crime (Peck, 2014). Contributing factors, for example, porous borders, amnesty, violence and the economy have played a key role in motivating illegal immigration, however, they should not be used as an excuse for the deleterious effects that the practice is having on the country (Peck, 2014).

In light of these issues, the million dollar question is; who is responsible?  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the president to uphold all the laws of the land, secure the country's border and protect all citizens (Peck, 2014).

Failure to do so should make a president unworthy of holding public office. In regards to the many effects that the American social welfare system has on the issue, it is a fact that both congresses, and state legislatures, who fund the system, are also responsible. And considering the fact that it is the American citizens who elect politicians then at some point, the citizens are to blame too. The country's failure to improve the security, verify on the immigrant status, and recognize forged documents is what has caused illegal aliens to receive benefits (Hirby, 2014).

Various programs, for example, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTLA) have enabled illegal immigrants to access healthcare. Because illegal aliens are barred from accessing the taxpayer funded healthcare programs, many tend to use the emergency rooms as their primary healthcare provider (Martin & Ruark, 2011). This is specifically evident for the illegal alien mothers who give birth.

Besides the delivery costs, illegal immigrants have taken advantage of EMTLA program, by accessing emergency medical care for injuries as well as illnesses, when they do not have other medical resources that are available to them. The emergency restorative care is required by law, paying little regard, to the ability to pay until the condition is balanced out. This provision of law is often relied on by the illegal immigrants who do not have any medical care insurance (Martin & Ruark, 2011).

Under the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) the illegal immigrant children, who are born in the U.S are most likely to be eligible for the subsidized medical care under SCHIP. The program is financed by elected and state governments, and varies by state in terms of the income eligibility as well as the scope of coverage. In some few states, low income adults who do not have medical insurance are covered (Martin & Ruark, 2011).

Congress rejected the adoption of a proposed requirement in the expansion of SCHIP, which recommended the verification of an applicant's legal status using the systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) system. As a result, services can be accessed by utilizing stolen or fraudulent social security numbers. Some states, like California, New York and Texas, provide illegal immigrants with pre-natal care out of state funds. These expenses are not usually matched by the federal Medicaid funding (Martin & Ruark, 2011).

In theory, public housing is not available to the illegal immigrants; however, in practice this is not usually the case. This fact was exhibited when it was revealed that President's Obama's Kenyan Aunt, who has been in the U.S illegally, after being ordered deported in 2004, still lives in public housing in Boston. During the early days of the Clinton presidency, the Housing and Urban Development secretary then, propounded that his agency did not in any way recognize requirements that it screen out the illegal aliens from public houses (Martin & Ruark, 2011). Despite the simple failure by the government to screen out all the illegal aliens, as was the case with Obama's Aunt. Illegal immigrants still benefit from subsidized housing by using federal mortgage subsidies, which are provided by the developers of low cost housing. Illegal immigrants can also occupy public houses using stolen identification, which have the ability to circumvent the Systematic Automated Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) that is operated by the Department for Homeland Security (Martin & Ruark, 2011).

Public schooling for the children of the illegal immigrants is perhaps the biggest burden on the taxpayer at the state and local level (Martin & Ruark, 2011). Through various programs, for example, the Title I and Title III programs; children of illegal immigrants have been able to access public education without hurdles. Title I; Children of illegal immigrants in public school, has been instrumental in the provision of additional funding, and increased educational opportunities for children who come from poor families (Martin & Ruark, 2011).

The vast majority of children who fall within the economic criteria of these programs come from illegal aliens. Part A, of Title III, provides funding for programs to provide supplemental education to the Limited English Proficient (LEP) in public or charter schools. A majority of students who participate in these programs are likely to be children of illegal immigrants.


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