Amazon Grocery Approval process

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Amazon Grocery Approval process

The first thing you will have to have is an Amazon Seller Account. There are two types of Amazon Seller accounts, but I strongly recommend getting the one that has the $39.99/month cost. It will give you all the options that you will need to generate massive sales and generate a huge monthly income. It's a strong investment if you get the monthly account.

Once you get the Seller Account, you will begin the application process. Once you have chosen the Grocery category as the category you want to apply for, you wil be asked to provide three receipts for the three products to give as examples of what you intend to sell. Please do NOT give them one receipt with three items on it. It's three separate receipts representing the three products that you will scan and attach to the online application.



Answer the Phone from the 206 Area Code

After you have submitted your application with the three separate receipts, you will be called by an Amazon Representative. This is a very very important step that you must follow. When you receive a phone call from anyone with the 206 area code, please ANSWER THE PHONE. The 206 area code is someone from Seattle, Washington calling you to talk to you about your application. The Amazon Representative will want to ask you some very important questions to make sure you understand the rules about Amazon and posting products in the Grocery section. I've always had great experiences talking to Amazon Representatives and once you answer their questions you'll be set.

The income potential with Amazon is incredible. Once you have approval I strongly recommend that you hit the ground running. You can go from rags to riches very quickly once you apply what you have learned.

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