12-year-old Wisconsin girl stabbed 19 times; friends arrested

Posted on June 04, 2014 in  BlogGeneral Blurps

Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls were charged as adults Monday for allegedly stabbing a friend 19 times after acting out bizarre instructions from an Internet site featuring horror stories

Let's put the emphasis on the word 'stories.'

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier are being held for attempted first-degree intentional homicide over the Saturday morning attack in woods in a Wisconsin city

The unidentified 12-year-old victim was fighting for her life in a hospital Monday but her condition has been upgraded to 'fair', which is miraculous.

According to the criminal complaint, one girl held the victim down and the other stabbed her in the torso, legs and arms, intending to kill her to become "proxies" of a character on the site Creepypasta Wiki, which posts short stories around a character called 'SlenderMan.'

Even though this 12 year old girl had been stabbed 19 times by her 'friends', she managed to crawl to a road where a bicyclist found her and called for an ambulance.  Police later found and apprehended the two girls who stabbed her and tried to end her life.

Rituals that this site tells people to do include a list of instructions for the reader, claiming that if they go to a certain place at a certain time, and perform specific actions, something remarkable and/or horrifying will happen," the site says.

I guess that actually happened, since the two girls who stabbed this 12 year old girl 19 times did have something horrifying happen.  They were both apprehended and now are being tried as adults for first-degree murder.

One of the girls told the police that they needed to kill someone to prove that they were worthy of "Slenderman" who is apparently the leader of 'Creepypasta.'

Again, this is a website with fictional stories about a fictional character. 

Many people do not think that these two 12 year old girls who stabbed their 'friend' and later confessed to trying to kill her should NOT be tried as adults.

I think they should be tried as adults.

Many kids are being raised with no rules, or very poor ones.  I hate to think that taking it easy on these girls would let other kids know that this sort of behavior is appropriate.

If these two girls felt that killing this 12 year old girl was ok, I have to wonder if any other kids are committing or have already committed crimes like this.  How many more kids are we going to find?  I pray no more.

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